Tax Planning

In a competitive and turbulent environment, especially with regard to the tax framework in which businesses operate, today, it is more than ever necessary for each business to in its planning all impacts and changes in income tax, in value added tax, in all tax incentives, as well as in other tax items.

Any business decision should be taken once the tax impacts have been taken into account.

The purpose of tax planning is to avoid any tax risks, as well as to protect and to fortify the the enterprise against over-taxation, also against the charging of taxes and fines by tax authorities during potential tax audits.

For example, the  tax planning services range includes:

  • advice regarding the most appropriate status of the company,
  • tax consulting for foreign companies operating in Greece,
  • consulting regarding the financial endowment of incoming / outgoing transactions,
  • consulting on avoidance of double taxation,
  • invoicing policies,
  • consulting on local and international tax issues that may arise and
  • effective tax strategies for human resources remuneration.

Research for solutions always takes place in such a way that our proposals being in compliance with the existing legislative framework and producing the optimal tax effect.

The role of FLaw

FLaw (Financial & Law Partners) and its associates, having rich and long-lasting experience in tax audits, as well as knowledge of all tax items, guides companies, as well as individuals regarding tax planning issues. In the context of tax planning, our executives record and analyze data and needs in order to propose actions that will help to avoid unpleasant tax surprises and will guarantee both security and stability against the complex and constantly varying tax environment .

Our Services

Proceedings – Judicial remedies

Our company provides complete legal services for your tax cases

Tax audits

Αchieving the best possible result during the proceeding of each tax audit


Providing you with the ability to resolve disputes by extrajudicial settlements

Resolution Procedures

Designing your business plan for pre-bankruptcy, regarding all proceedings before bankruptcy, all resolution proceedings, as well as all bankruptcy proceedings.


Guiding and successfully completing conversion or merger proceedings

Tax planning

Guarantee both security and stability of your company against the complex and constantly varying tax environment.

Organization of Accounting Departments

Successfully offering high quality services, to organize and lead the accounting department of each legal entity.

"Offering high quality legal & tax services"