Proceedings – Judicial remedies

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Special administrative proceeding

Anyone who has a legitimate interest may contest the decisions of the corporate or single judge bodies, districts, public legal entities governed by them or the federations for reasons of lawfulness, after its notification or after being informed of it.

A proceeding is also allowed against an owed legal action of the previous paragraph bodies. In such a case, the proceeding shall be instituted by the expiry of the specific time limit, if any, prescribed by the law for the issue of the local act.

Suspension of the effect

In some cases, the request for suspension of the effect is another corporate weapon, as the exercise of a judicial remedy does not suspend the progress of enforcement, unless the competent court, after the request of the claimant, also submitted independently, if it considers that the act of enforcement will cause irreparable harm to the applicant and suspects the prosperity of the judicial remedy.

Cure requests

Cure request is another mean to institute a proceeding against public sector’s decisions. If the cure request is not addressed to the Public Sector, a copy is provided to the counterparty within ten days from its delivery to the Minister, otherwise it is considered as a non-instituted proceeding. Failure of objection does not create an acceptance presumption of those appeared in the cure request, which may be firstly objected to the court by the person concerned.

It is noted that especially the cure request could not include requests, beyond those previously submitted to the objection or those provided by the argument firstly caused by the decision issue or by the acts of the Supreme Authority.

The role of FLaw

The experience of FLaw Group (Financial & Law Partners) is the guarantee for completing the legal and tax procedures of your business. Group members of as lawyers, tax gatherers and economists, tax consultants have many decisions in administrative courts during their long career. These decisions may be the springboard for ensuring that your business continues to operate or even for a new, more dynamic performance.

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Proceedings – Judicial remedies

Our company provides complete legal services for your tax cases

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