Organization of Accounting Departments

Our company, having a perennial presence and participation in the accounting offices of large companies, successfully undertakes, offering high quality services, to organize and lead the accounting department of each legal entity.

The basic structures of this service and the fields we provide are as follows:

  • Improvement of organizational structure
  • Monthly tax obligations planning
  • Undertaking of procedures regarding external works
  • Evaluation of the company’s internal accounting and proposals to improve its performance. As well as the selection of the proper staff.
  • Guiding and purposeful practice regarding tax issues.
  • Organization of seminars regarding tax and legal matters, for the information and training of staff, managed by the accounting department of enterprises.

The purpose is to optimize the use of human resources, to implement the appropriate accounting systems and to be fully harmonized with the tax and insurance framework currently in force.

The role of FLaw

In the context of accounting services with the perennial experience of the FLaw team, we can provide you with the complete VAT refund procedure by European Union countries.

In the business environment, where direct and effective solutions are required, both our associates and consultants such as accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and sworn auditors, resolve any issue as complex as it is having absolute success.

Our Services

Proceedings – Judicial remedies

Our company provides complete legal services for your tax cases

Tax audits

Αchieving the best possible result during the proceeding of each tax audit


Providing you with the ability to resolve disputes by extrajudicial settlements

Resolution Procedures

Designing your business plan for pre-bankruptcy, regarding all proceedings before bankruptcy, all resolution proceedings, as well as all bankruptcy proceedings.


Guiding and successfully completing conversion or merger proceedings

Tax planning

Guarantee both security and stability of your company against the complex and constantly varying tax environment.

Organization of Accounting Departments

Successfully offering high quality services, to organize and lead the accounting department of each legal entity.

“Offering high quality legal & tax services”