Mediation is an alternative method of extrajudicial settlement of private disputes in which the parties, assisted either by the Mediator, or by a third party to a neutral person’s parties, negotiate to arrive at a viable and mutually satisfactory solution of the dispute without the need to resort to a time-consuming and expensive litigation.

The extrajudicial settlement and especially the mediation is a new institution for our country, which has a long-standing story in the rest of Europe, as the Directive 2008/52 / EC on which the Greek law is based.

When the procedure results in a mutually acceptable agreement, the mediator shall record it in writing – and after being signed by both parties – with the diligence of any of the parties, the minutes shall be submitted in the District Court where the Mediation has taken place. Therefore, agreement is instantly converted into an Enforceable Instrument. This is one of mediation’s most important advantages in relation to other ways of resolving disputes (courts, arbitration).

The role of FLaw

FLaw (Financial & Law Partners) through its network of qualified and certified legal partners provides you with the ability to resolve disputes by extrajudicial settlements such as civil and commercial disputes (family disputes), labor disputes, claims for ethical claims due to personal insult, civil liability cases, as well as disputes between societies, responsible or the collective management of copyrights and users rights.

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Our company provides complete legal services for your tax cases

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Αchieving the best possible result during the proceeding of each tax audit


Providing you with the ability to resolve disputes by extrajudicial settlements

Resolution Procedures

Designing your business plan for pre-bankruptcy, regarding all proceedings before bankruptcy, all resolution proceedings, as well as all bankruptcy proceedings.


Guiding and successfully completing conversion or merger proceedings

Tax planning

Guarantee both security and stability of your company against the complex and constantly varying tax environment.

Organization of Accounting Departments

Successfully offering high quality services, to organize and lead the accounting department of each legal entity.

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