Corporate Profile

FLaw Company (Financial & Law Partners) was created by the merger of the companies “Oikonomiki Symvouleftiki” ( and Epilisis (, which have operated for many years in the field of tax, accounting and financial services. The object of our company is to provide specialized services to its partners and the best possible solutions regarding tax, financial and legal matters.

Companies and businessmen needs in relation to their proper and appropriate planning are inseparable from the development and smooth operation of the units. In a constantly changing environment, FLaw designs, proposes and implements in the best possible way a variety of actions related to corporate tax planning, legal and tax risk management, organization of accounting departments, integrated VAT refund actions from E.U. and the tax planning of its associates. With its executives and well-established and capable associates, it successfully completes plans for companies’ conversions, mergers, take-overs, secessions and consolidations.

The years of experience and the knowledge of executives and associates guarantee the successful completion and fulfillment of the best possible result regarding tax audits of companies and individuals.

The use of all appropriate judicial legal remedies, where necessary, the submission of proceedings and law cure requests, as well as the planning, where appropriate, of bankruptcy proceedings, are tools successfully adopted.

Finally, even in the newcoming mediation process, which is another area in which the company operates, having already secured the cooperation of proficient executives.

Our Services

Proceedings – Judicial remedies

Our company provides complete legal services for your tax cases

Tax audits

Αchieving the best possible result during the proceeding of each tax audit


Providing you with the ability to resolve disputes by extrajudicial settlements

Resolution Procedures

Designing your business plan for pre-bankruptcy, regarding all proceedings before bankruptcy, all resolution proceedings, as well as all bankruptcy proceedings.


Guiding and successfully completing conversion or merger proceedings

Tax planning

Guarantee both security and stability of your company against the complex and constantly varying tax environment.

Organization of Accounting Departments

Successfully offering high quality services, to organize and lead the accounting department of each legal entity.

Offering high quality legal & tax services