• Charis Avgerinos

    Specialized in accounting department organization and in financial direction both of big and officially listed on stock exchanges. Co-founder of the company...

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  • Kostas Vadolas

    Owner of 1st Class License. Big enterprises accounting offices manager for many years. Specialized in economic management of big production and commerce enterprises....

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  • Georgios Giannopoulos

    Specialized in tax and administrative courts, in proceedings and in resolving such disputes.

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  • Charalampos Kotsiopoulos

    Specialized in tax planning, proceedings and tax diputes with the public sector and their resolving.

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  • Panagiotis Petalas

    Accounting department manager for many years in big enterprises, specialized in the field of service provision and especially in the health field. Co-founder...

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  • Filippos Chatzipentsidis

    Specialized in tax planning of small companies and it their accounting departments organization. Co-founder of the company "Epilisis", since 2009.

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